Unfinished Steel Tiles (37 Different Patterns)

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UnFinished Steel Tiles
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UNFINISHED Tin-Plated Steel Tiles - Unpainted and Unfinished -37 Patterns Available


Raw and Unfinished steel tiles are non-painted tin-plated sheet metal. These panels can be painted by the customer or the installer using an OIL-BASED PRODUCT. If no paint is to be applied please use clear urethane to prevent rusting.

Metal Ceiling Express can also apply a CLEAR powder-coating on one or both sides of your ceiling or backsplash tiles.  CLEAR powder coating will not change the natural metallic look and shine of these tiles.


Purchase a color sample to insure exact color desired!


100% Authentic tin-plated sheetmetal - Made in the U.S.A.!


Class A - 1 Hour Fire Rated


Washable:  Wipe gently with light soap and water.  Do not scrub and do not use heavy detergents!


Purchase:  Nail-Up tiles for plywood, furring strips or gluing applications.


Purchase:  Drop-In & Deep-Drop tiles for standard 15/16" suspended ceiling grid.




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