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C104 Crown Molding, 2.25" convex pattern, 3.5" total width


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C104 - 2.25" convex pattern area with 3.5" total width

Sold in sets of (2) 27" long pieces.  Once the pattern is overlapped during installation, you can expect at least 48" of linear coverage per set.  

The Convex orientation of this molding means that the curve protrudes away from the 90 degree corner where the ceiling and wall come together.

Made in the U.S.A. of tin-plated sheetmetal

This product can be ordered raw (unfinished) or, for an additional cost, can be powder coated or painted in any color that we offer.

Note: 2.25" pattern area face measurement is taken with molding installed at 45 degree angle from ceiling to wall.

When determining amount needed for project:  Determine linear feet around perimeter of room.  Take the linear feet and divide by four (4) feet.  This will give you the number of pieces to order.  The four feet dividing number will account for the overlap of crown molding when installing.

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