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Color matched Ceiling Grid - 15/16" for Suspended Ceilings

60 Colors to choose from:  Color matched 15/16" T-Grid "Painted" for suspended ceilings. Match them to your Drop-In tin ceiling tiles.

(Please note: Ask for samples as ceiling grid color may vary slightly)

Artisian Hand Faux Colors, Solid Colors, Chrome Color to match Clear coated Drop-In tiles., Mix and Match colors. (Request samples of Tile colors and Grid before purchasing)

37 Patten choices, Regular Drop-In and 3/4" Deep Drop tiles.  Fits all 15/16" standard suspended ceiling systems.


FYI:  Ceiling Grid when painted in various colors, transparent colors, Satin Transparent and Satin Silver colors may not match painted ceiling tiles exactly.  Grid colors will be a little lighter or darker in color than the painted tiles.  All grid starts out as white, we then apply a chrome paint to the grid to try and match an unfinished color tin tile.  The second applictiaon to the ceiling grid is a transparent color of your choice.  The chrome underlayment is a solid color, compared to the unfinished raw material for a tile, which is a brushed stainless color.  With that being said, transparent color, Satin Transparent and Satin silver grid may be a little darker than the painted tin ceiling tiles.  Various other colors may look a bit different due to us painting over white product to start.  Please ask for Grid color sample before ordering.


(300 Sq. Ft. minimum) All grid shipped semi-truck on 12' pallets, Minimum $250.00 shipping charge


Powder Coated Drop-In Ceiling Tiles with Color Matched Ceiling Grid!!‚Äč           


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