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Hand Faux Tin Table Lamps & Hand Finished Solid Copper 12" Tiles

Our hand Faux Table Lamps are unique.  With our new "patent pending design", you receive an all metal lamp that is UL Listed and Approved.  Made from real tin ceiling tiles.


Our hand faux authentic copper 12” tiles and panels are also great for use in smaller areas and for backsplash and wainscoting applications. 


Hand-faux finishes give these tiles a unique look and feel and some of the designs mimic those from the early 1900s to create a true vintage look


As with the unfinished 12in x 12in nail-up tiles, these hand-finished 12” tiles are suitable for nail-up installation and are available in a handful of patterns and colors as you can see below.

Authentic Copper, Hand Finished/Painted 12" Tiles


Hand Faux Tin Ceiling Lamp, Pattern #102


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