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#MF2-D Tin/Metal Ceiling Tile (Drop-In) (24 x 24)

#MF2-D Tin/Metal Ceiling Tile (Drop-In)
(24 x 24)

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#MF2D Diamond & Criss-Cross Design Tin Ceiling Tile for Drop-In installations - 24" Repeat Pattern

The Deep Drop tiles, allow the tile pattern to sit 3/4" below the grid surface.  Creating a 3 dimensional look.

100% Authentic tin plated sheetmetal

24" x 24" Tile

Class A - 1 Hour Fire Rated

Purchase:  Nail-Up Tin tiles for Plywood, Furring Strips or Gluing applications.

Purchase:  Drop-In & Deep-Drop Tin tiles for Standard 15/16" suspended ceiling grid.

All patterns can be pruchased Unfinished or for an additional cost, Metalceilingexpress can powder coat a baked on finish in one of our 60 Unique Colors.

The MF2-D Deep Drop tile is similar to a regular drop-in tile for a suspended ceiling grid.  The Deep-Drop pattern of the tile will sit 3/4" below the grid system creating a three dimensional look to the tile, to where a regular drop-in tile pattern will sit flush with the grid system.  The Deep-Drop tile will somewhat conceal the grid system.

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