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Snap Grid Ceiling System

Snap Grid Ceiling System

Our snap-grid ceiling system makes it easy to install metal ceiling panels to drywall or any other surface without having to install a plywood substrate of furring strips. 


The installation process is simple to follow with 5 easy installation steps. All our patterns will eventually be available for the snap-grid system.  Order unfinished tiles and grid and paint yourself, or choose one of the sixty colors for tiles and five grid colors.


Main runners, wall molding and inserts are available in 5 different colors. With the snap-grid system, main runners screw directly to drywall or plywood. The metal tiles then “snap” into the openings created, somehow like a suspended ceiling, but much closer to the actual ceiling itself.


The cost for a 10' x 10' unique coffered looking ceiling = $396.00 


                                                                                                         Create this real wood coffered ceiling look using our New patented Snap-Grid Ceiling System!!!


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