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OUR OFFICE TEAM with over 12 Years experience.

Authentic Tin Ceiling Tiles manufactured in Palmetto, Florida.  100% Made in the USA!!!  Using high quality USA made materials, Metalceilingexpress manufactures and sells the best product on the market.  Real tin tiles, not flimsy, breakable plastic or acoustic tiles. 

For any size orders, Call to speak directly with the manufacture of embossed tin ceiling tiles. A representative is available Monday through Thursday from 8am - 7pm EST and 8am - 5pm EST Friday's to assist with questions about dimensions and ordering.

Call us 941-723-2288.

Metal Ceiling Express has been manufacturing authentic stamped metal ceiling tiles and products in our Palmetto, Florida location for over 25 years.

In addition to metal ceiling tiles, we also manufacture metal backsplashes, tin switch plate covers, metal ceiling molding and other accessories. Our tiles come in two sizes: 24in x 24in or 12in x 12in nail-up tiles.

All our metal ceiling products are proudly manufactured in the United States of America using high quality American made materials. Our tin ceiling tiles are real metal, not flimsy or breakable plastic or acoustic material.

Our tin ceiling tiles (or panels as they are also commonly known) are available in 80 colors and 35 patterns. All metal ceiling tiles are stamped using our high-tonnage stamping press and are available unfinished, colored or hand finished in multiple finishes. Colored tiles are power coated with a color of your choice and are then baked in our new batch oven to properly and permanently affix the paint to the tiles. Antique and vintage look tiles are then hand finished to achieve the final look.

Nail-up 12inx12in copper tiles are available in several colors and are ideal for backsplash installation or for other smaller areas.

Don’t forget to visit our blog for an extensive selection of articles and material. You can learn about metal ceiling tiles, how to install different types of ceiling panels, usage guides, how tiles are manufactured and much more.

Metal ceiling moldings, tin switch plate covers, hold down clips and other items are stamped in our smaller stamping presses.

You can view some pictures of our equipment on this page.

Please feel free to call us on 941-723-2288 with any questions you may have. Our customer service staff is standing by to assist you with selecting the right tin ceiling panels to fit your design requirements. We will make sure you order the appropriate quantity of tiles and other products to ensure that your project is completed to your full satisfaction.

Please be sure to ask about shipping promotions when you call. We look forwarding to discussing your metal ceiling needs with you!

High tonnage stamping presses for superior quality stampings!!!

Smaller stamping presses for crown moldings and hold down clips.

New Paint Spray Booth for Hand Finished Tin Ceiling Tiles

New Powder Spray Booth equipment used to Powdercoat one of our 80 color choices.

New 8' x 10' x 20' State of the Art Powder Spray
booth for tiles, moldings & ceiling grid.

New Powdercoat Oven used to bake the paint directly on to the tin ceiling tiles.

  • New 8' x 8 x 20' Batch Oven.

CNC Machining Equipment to machine molds and die sets for stamping ceiling panels, parent company Die-Verse Tool in business 25 years!

Stamping Plant, 1710 12th St East, Palmetto FL 342

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